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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Photo fo Tony Echols

Tony Echols

Founder and CEO

Born in Paulding, Ohio, Tony Ryan Echols is a distinguished technology designer with a remarkable career spanning over 27 years in research and development. His journey has been marked by significant contributions, including the innovative Shadows Athletics Technology.

Photo of Andre Beasley

Andre Beasley


Andre Beasley is a life coach, business consultant, speaker, and performance improvement expert. He has worked with clients in various industries including education, athletics, military operations, retail, and personal services.

Photo of Michael Forester

Michael Forester

Strategic Advisor

Michael Forester has 13+ years experience in financial advising, with one of his many roles being President and CEO of a private firm dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in their pursuit of financial advancement and rehabilitation.


David Francis

Business Consultant

A native from Chicago, Illinois. David Francis was born into a family of business owners and educators. A serial entrepreneur, his career has spanned globally traveling around the world consulting with some of the world's biggest celebrities, politicians, and corporations. He received his bachelor's degree in liberal studies from Iowa State University and his master's degree from Webster University.

Photo of Cara Echols

Cara Echols


Cara Echols has worked in public relations and marketing for over 5 years with experience in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. She received her degree from Bluffton University and has a passion for telling stories through images.

Photo of Raymond Moore

Raymond Moore


Raymond Moore, born in Lexington, Kentucky, refereed men's college basketball for over 27 years, serving in D1, D2, and D3 athletics. He has reffed high school basketball as well for 30 years and has worked in sales for 22 years, being an influential representative for the Shadows Athletics footwear brand. 

Photo of Anthony Beasley

Anthony Beasley

Public Relations

Anthony Beasley has decades of experience in sales, private consulting, administration and organizational development in industry, education and several nonprofit companies. His ability to assess the current position of a startup or existing company, recommend productive and cost-effective changes and then actively participate in making the changes make him an invaluable asset to any organization. 

Photo of Robert Purvey

Robert Purvy

Product Sourcing
Design Team

Robert Purvy has spent more than 30 years involved in various disciplines across the athletic footwear and sportswear industry. An accomplished athletic and casual footwear visionary, he is a proven global strategist and senior management executive.

Photo of Steve Chang

Steve Chang

Performance Industrial
Design Team

Steve Chang have worked with various brands in different sizes as an in-house designer and as a design consultant for 19+ years. His years of design experience includes many domestic assignments, but also many foreign market assignments.

Shadows Athletics was born from a dream as a 7th grader that has become a tangible footwear masterpiece that will forever change lives. We have been diligent in the process for over 18 years to develop this footwear to facilitate and showcase the need for a shoe that gives better stability, greater balance, and enhanced performance.

Shadows Athletics is striving to revolutionize the footwear industry through cutting-edge proprietary technology. Our vision encompasses not only style and sustainability but also elevates stability, balance, and performance. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, we aim to redefine the cultural impact of footwear, setting a new paradigm that integrates functionality seamlessly into fashion.



Shadows Athletics is dedicated to bringing innovative footwear technology to the market. We uphold a commitment to integrity, reliability, comfort, and work ethic. Our mission is to be a household name; igniting excitement in the hearts of people with the will to persevere, through exceptional products and unwavering dedication to our customers. With passion and purpose, we strive to redefine the footwear experience and leave a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

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