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About Shadows Athletics

Here at Shadows Athletics we pride ourselves on standing upon adversity, and that’s not just something we say for kicks.
We mean it because we’ve experienced adversity’s grueling climb and put its rocky slopes beneath our feet. We know what it means to persevere through hardship, through steep hills and broad valleys, and arrive victorious on the other side.


isn’t just a word to us.

It is who we are

and it is everything that Shadows Athletics embodies.

It is the fearless climber

who defies the daunting mountain.

It is the weary runner

who digs deep for hidden strength for that last mile.

It is the child reaching

for his or her seemingly hopeless dreams.

It is all those who refuse to quit

who refuse to give up even in the most impossible situations.

If you have the fire

within you that refuses to never surrender, as do we,

then you are Shadows Athletics.